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What brings us together from diverse walks of life is our passion for creating a positive change in people and in organizations. Our unified belief that leadership can be learned and then truly experienced, sparks a fire in us and our clients. Our approach is hands-on, immersive, interactive, personal, and innovative. Our sole objective is to see you succeed.

Our clients tell us that we are perceptive, dynamic, fun, inspirational and even life-changing. However, we secretly know those are the words that our clients are using to describe their own success. This is what happens when people evolve and apply new learnings…..success.


John Kanengieter

John’s great passions in life are working with leaders, experiencing the outdoors, and laughing as much as possible. John is the founder of Kanengieter Consulting Group LLC and considers it a down-right privilege to work with the clients and partners that he does.

He holds a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Executive Coaching and Consulting in Organizations and specializes in executive coaching and working with teams in challenging and high-risk work systems. He is a keynote speaker, consultant, coach and trusted confidant. His work with leaders is augmented by his expertise gained from 25 years in the field of leadership development and experiential education. His practice includes clients as individuals, teams, and large organizations with an emphasis on building a system of strong teams focused and aligned on clear strategies.

John’s background on extended mountaineering expeditions gives him valuable experience that he now uses in his work. A teacher at heart, John is a principle trainer contracted by NASA to work with International Space Station astronauts in the dynamics of teamwork and leadership on extended space expeditions. He has developed leadership programs for the US Naval Academy, Fortune 50 corporations, government, and individuals in a slew of different industries.

In his spare time, John serves as the Director for Leadership at the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and also as a visiting instructor to the Wharton Business School, the Ascent Institute, and the Leadership Institute of Seattle. He also really enjoys riding his bike as fast as he possibly can….

Jeff Ashby

Jeff is a Navy jet pilot space shuttle commander, senior government executive, and has served as as Vice President for  Alliant Tech Systems (ATK) Space Systems Group.  Jeff believes that the greatest achievements come from people inspired by great leadership. He is currently working with a private space company to develop affordable and safe human transportation to Earth orbit, a project requiring both technical and process innovation.
Jeff was raised in Colorado and has earned degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Aviation Systems. His long Navy career included graduation from the elite Navy Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun), several Test Plot tours, and command of a fighter squadron conducting combat operations in the Middle East. Under his leadership, that squadron was formally recognized as the top Navy F-18 unit for the year.

During his tenure with NASA, Jeff led a team of 35 Navy Astronauts and completed 3 space shuttle missions. On his final mission, he was Commander of the Space shuttle Atlantis, leading a crew of 6 multi-national astronauts in a complicated assembly flight to the International Space Station (ISS). A recognized leader in the NASA astronaut office, Jeff helped to develop and teach leadership and team building courses to his colleagues who were preparing for long duration missions to the ISS. He has completed two astronaut-training courses with the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Jeff now resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife Paige, where he enjoys skiing, hiking, and climbing and quiet walks with his dogs.
What “Bones” brings to any conversation is his perspective of leadership and teamwork when the stakes are high. His life experience of leading in the cockpit and also in the boardroom are unmatched. When you meet him you’ll have to ask him why his “call sign” is “Bones”.

Ginny Hutchinson

Ginny Hutchinson is a successful, global Fortune 100 executive who has guided start-up companies and corporate giants through dramatic growth and rapid change in both the U.S. and Europe.  She specializes in strategic consulting, mergers and leadership development to achieve outstanding business results.

Ginny is a renowned Executive Leader and Chief Marketing Officer with expertise in telecom, technology, retail, and financial sectors.  Her leadership experience includes brand, communications, product innovation, sales, customer service, and the customer experience. Most recently, Ginny was the CMO of Speakeasy, a Best Buy Company, launching broadband services across the U.S.  Additionally, Ginny’s held senior executive roles at Telefonica, AT&T, Verizon and Bank of America, in addition she led two technology companies from start-up to maturity and strategically selling both for over $100M in less than 5 years.

Her leadership vision reaches beyond traditional marketing, to developing people, being a change agent, and creating sustainable practices for a better world.  Ginny was featured on, Personal Best video series, as co-author of the book, Better Because of You, leveraging what she learned as a Fortune 100 executive, to achieve success in different facets of life.  Ginny is an avid outdoor enthusiast and philanthropist. When Ginny isn’t out changing the world, she enjoys a nice cup of tea…preferably on the side of a mountain.


John McConnell

John has been coaching, consulting, and designing unique, high-impact learning experiences for 15 years.  His clients benefit from a unique integration of emotional intelligence, systems thinking, somatic psychology, and hands-on learning experiences.  Clients who work with John cite his piercing questions, deep curiosity, big heart, and quick wit, as important elements of his approach.

John’s work blends personal and professional development in order to help his clients be professionally successful, personally fulfilled, and authentic.  His clients are supported to dream big, design and live their ideal life. He has extensive experience working with clients from high tech to aero-space to small business owners who find his ability to get at the heart of any issue, well, “uncanny”.

John is the founder of the Ascent Institute, holds a Masters in Applied Behavioral Science from the Leadership Institute of Seattle and is a certified Somatic Coach with Strozzi Institute.  John stokes his passion for life through his climbing and mountaineering adventures and by ripping through the local forests on his mountain bike.  He expresses his creativity through stunning photography and slideshows, often depicting his personal adventures and those he creates with his clients.  John = one part sage, one part mentor, and three parts kid at heart…